Turning a Dumped Warehouse into action

Turning a Dumped Warehouse into action

The need of situation

A reputed brand in retail asked us to streamline one of its inefficient warehouse of one lac square feet dumped with 20 lacs of slow moving inventory consuming huge warehouse space hardly supplying merchandise as retrieval of desired inventory from dump of stock was next to impossible. The unusual high level of inventory was recent closure of  other warehouses the stock from them being displaced and dumped to above warehouse put up for our task.

 The challenge we faced

The inventory at that warehouse was really a dump as all the stock with minor major repair requirements were being dispatched from all stores to that warehouse facility, apart from fresh stock which was also mixed up. Stocking and staking was in too bad a condition. Segregating and disposing off this huge inventory was an arduous task, which nobody was willing to undertake.

The solution we offered

Task which nobody is ready to undertake, VGNC gracefully accepts as its coveted job to help out its clients. We deployed a dedicated team with requisite patience. The warehouse was divided into 20 zones with 20 dedicated tams assigned to each zone. The entire inventory was physically counted, and segregated.  The defective stock for want of minor repair and refurbishment was sent for necessary job. The damaged stock beyond any correction was written off. The fresh stock was properly stacked and updated in system inventory ready for pick up by any selling store.

The results we achieved in 72 hours

The successful completion of task not only released the warehouse space, it released saleable stock into the fleet of moving inventory ready to occupy its space at stores shelf.

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