Releasing inventory stuck up in GIT to stores shelf

Releasing inventory stuck up in GIT to stores shelf

The need of situation

A reputed brand of Apparels once asked us to analyze and provide solution to cut down its lead time and reduce the size of its GIT at any given point of time as it was eating into its shelf availability of merchandise at front end Stores.

The challenge we faced

The Client was having a vast supply chain network having 6 warehouses, 126 stores, 35 Consignment Selling Agents, 430 EBOs and 500 MBOs leading to inventory turnover of around 40 lakhs in quantity, out of that around 20% were in GIT.

The solution we offered

VGNC gracefully accepted the task. We analyzed and mapped the entire movement cycle of inventory from the requisition of stock at receiving location, till its replenishment from warehouse or other stores. Updating of stock in system was consuming huge lead time on account of various technical and human snags. We streamlined the operations and optimized  the lead time and provided solution of better order management and replenishment system.

The results we achieved in 72 hours

We could manage to bring down the GIT inventory level from 20% to 5%. The Client was quite satisfied to see his stock from roads to Store Shelf ready for sales to its Customers.

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