Internal audit is one of the major factors that play a crucial role in your organization’s assurance environment. Internal audit, acting as a valuable tool, contributes to the effective management of risk and better control and governance within an organization.

Internal Audit is a crucial process that should add value to your business. Is your internal audit adding Value to your business?

It is important for you as an organization to select the right internal audit firm. Although there are many internal audit services pan India, finding a reliable partner who understands your business needs and tailors their services to match them is a difficult task.
If you are looking for a trustworthy internal audit partner, VGNC is the answer to all your business needs. VGNC is a global business advisory firm based in Delhi that offers customisedtailored Internal audit services.
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How Can VGNC Help Your Business?

We blend our extensive experience, expertise, and critically designed services to add value to your business

Internal audit functions are designed to add value to your business and provide a clear understanding of your business. VGNC has a strategic performance reviewing technique for an internal audit that steps ahead of the traditional reviewing systems and adds innovation to be in tune with the constantly changing Indian market. By going beyond traditional approach, we are able to use quality assurance compliance reviewing for identification of flaws and devise high impact opportunities for improvement. Our intuitive and interactive approach builds the right framework to find answers to various critical queries.

Talent pool + Right Approach + Technique + Technology = Effective Internal Audit and value to your Business Operation

Our Talent pool: Right staffing strategy allows us to achieve the objectives discussed with the client.

Our Positioning: To make internal audit valuable for your business. It must be strategically placed within your organization to empower it so that there is a better contribution to the performance of the business.

Our Process: Internal audit procedures enable business organization to achieve objectives. Our processes along with experienced professionals and smart approach transform your internal audit objective.

Why choose our internal audit services?

Diligently designed internal audit services that are in tune with your business needs. We thrive to become your growth partners and thus, we ensure reliability and trustworthiness are maintained at all the points. Here is what VGNC brings to table
  • VGNC brings together various different factors such as acumen, an expert team of professionals, the experience of working with a wide number of clients and comprehensive knowledge of dynamic Indian market and business operation requirements. By putting together all the necessary elements, VGNC is able to deliver valuable internal audit services to your business.
  • Our Internal audit services provide an independent and clear view to directors, audit committee and other stakeholders which gives them the appropriate analysis of risk and control environment.
  • VGNC, as a leading audit and financial advisory firm in Delhi NCR, tailors the internal audit and enterprise risk services delivered across pan India. This ensures value protection and value enhancement of internal audit so that it acts as a catalyst for building robust risk and compliance culture within your business organization.
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