Retail Sector in India has huge growth potential, and is on a fast growth pace. Nobody disputes that. India has a huge untapped market in terms of Tier I & Tier II cities coupled with enormous rural market with good disposable incomes. The retail market in India has been dominated by unorganized retail shops which is fast changing with rapidly increasing market share of Organised Retail. Further in organised retail itself, the share of e-commerce is increasing quite handsomely. The buying habits are also getting inclined towards e-commerce cutting real estate retail costs resulting into competitive pricing to the advantage of last mile consumer. With tax reforms in indirect taxation and introduction of GST, the industry is realigning itself to new tax regime towards single market space and resulting improvements and synergy in supply chain and distribution strategy.
The huge Indian market is an attraction force to foreign capital and Indian regulatory regime is also opening its doors to invite investment in this sector from all corners of the globe. Single Brand retail is already witnessing capital inflows and multi-brand retail is not far away for regulatory opening up. The penetration of large stores is not restricted to metro cities but expanding its reach to Tier I & Tier II cities.
Retail Supply Chain Audit Services, Delhi NCR

VGNC has been serving this industry since its inception in 2004. Inventory, supply chain, and distribution, form the core of any player in Retail Industry. Control System are crucial in Inventory & Receivables Management. We expertise in all regulatory and operational aspects of the industry and offer a basket of services in this sector.

  • Inventory Services
  • Warehouse Audits
  • Store Audits
  • Channel Partner Due Diligence & Documentation
  • Receivables & Payables Management
  • FDI Consulting & Compliance
  • GST Compliance
  • Internal Controls & Audits

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