Learning & Scholarship

VGNC is known that knowledge is a power and that is learning is a life-long process. As an employee first company, we focus on providing a rich and quality learning experience to our employees that facilitate overall development of our employees.
It is also crucial that employees and students who are completing their articleship at VGNC get right opportunities so that they get the right learning experience. We help them develop practical skills that are prevalent in the industry and helps them to advance in the career. It is also our objective to refine their strength and enhance dominant skills through right training.
“A glowing light might need small support to kill darkness on a breezy night.”
VGNC offers a scholarship to students and trainees so that they can get the support they need to bring out their skills. This is just a little step to help the bright students who are willing to work hard and achieve success and change the industry with their brilliant skills.

Employee Speak

“Right from the time of the interview, I could feel the difference with VGNC. When I joined in, I never felt that awkwardness while one has while blending in at a new work place. This how friendly and warm VGNC environment is.”
“Being a fresh graduate, one is always insecure about their future. It was a confusing period for me. I had to learn a lot plus I also wanted a secure place. At VGNC, I got both. My seniors are always there to guide me in whatever ways I needed. They also helped be overcome the first job nervousness and bring out the confidence in me.”
“I am a CA student and when I came to VGNC, I wanted to learn practical use of what I had learned in books. I learned to pay attention to details and understood how things operate. Every new day at VGNC is a new learning experience for me. I am glad that they gave me an opportunity to expand my knowledge with them.”
“I have worked at many places before and to be honest working as a professional especially a tax professional can be very challenging. There are going to be some stressful days in every workplace or industry you are working in. But at VGNC, how the whole team helps each other through that is commendable. I gave never seen that in the previous places I worked at.”
“I am glad to be a part of VGNC. The objective is very clear in our workplace, it is an overall growth that matters. Thus, growth and work satisfaction of each employee is essential. Here we are not mere employees working for an organisation, we are an important part of team and company. And most importantly, we are a professional family
“VGNC. Well, it is like my second home. We work together, help each other grow, support each other and we also celebrate together. It is like a professional home for me.”
“I can ask my queries to my seniors openly and I always get the guidance, always. I not sacred or have to keep queries to myself. Seniors are so warm and ready to help. This gives me a lot of confidence. I am learning so much that it is difficult to express in words.”

Grow with Us

Have you got experience? Join a young and bustling team which gives you a chance to add new milestones in your career. Enjoy and fall in love with your work and in meanwhile achieve growth. We will open new doors of opportunities and create new learning experiences. Our work culture is unique and friendly. We value the knowledge, skills, and experience of professional by entrusting them with greater responsibilities and evolve as a leader.

Unleash Better Possibilities

Are you a student or graduate with ambition and passion for growth? VGNC offers you the right environment lay the first step of your bright future. Begin your career with us and develop professionally. We provide stability to students and graduates helping them harness their creativity and learn skills through right guidance and support.

Work Life at VGNC?

For an employee, work culture and growth at a personal level is as important as the CTC. We take pride in the healthy working environment and impeccable work culture at VGNC. Transparency is what helps us to maintain an atmosphere where the employees not only grow but are also satisfied. Our aim is to keep our employees happy, confident and passionate about work they are doing. We are able to bring out the best from each employee with friendly and warm working environment with the employee driven internal system. There is nothing that happens behind the doors. So, we take honest feedbacks or listen to any kind of issues our employees have and offer constructive solutions.

At VGNC, we believe every employee has a unique strength of their own and we help them to strengthen it by providing them right opportunities and nurturing their skills. Open communication, interaction, and engagement has helped us to build a strong, closely knit and dynamic team. We believe knowledge and skills need the right nourishment in form of experience. Come experience growth with VGNC

At VGNC, we believe great work comes from satisfied working professionals. Our working environment is a perfect combination of our right culture and right opportunities to ensure that our professionals get the environment they need. It does not matters where you stand in your career. Discover the difference. Discover the growth at VGNC.