Established with an objective to be the spearhead of change in the business advisory market in India, VGNC is the brainchild of CA Vipin Garg and Vijay Arora. Founded in 2014, VGNC is evolving as a leading global business advisory firm at an accelerated rate and carving its path to reserve a strong place in the big 10.

Top Chartered Accountant Firm in Delhi

Vipin Garg

Lead Adviser

An eminent speaker and a visionary, CA Vipin Garg is the lead advisor of VGNC.
With over 18 years of experience in the field of business advisory, taxation and legal matters, he has led a vast number of projects. He brings his in-depth knowledge and experience in various industries into exemplary overall guidance and advisory. With his sharp acumen and comprehensive understanding of finance, economy, and law, businesses get the protective cover and prepare to pace on to growth possibilities. As a lead advisor, CA Vipin Garg has successfully advised many business organisations through catastrophic conditions with his analytical approach and decisive implementation. His extensive experience in leading various projects including tax planning & assessments, financial system implementation, business process reengineering and implementation, risk assessment and more, leads to breakthrough even in critical times. CA Vipin Garg is a key speaker at various professional and industrial forums contemplating on various tax issues, Union Budget and other economic issues of national importance. He has written and published many articles and research papers on both direct and indirect taxation.
Top Chartered Accountant Firm in Delhi

Vijay Arora

Managing Partner

Mr. Vijay Arora is the driving force behind VGNC, who carries and implement the business plan to their purposeful results. His extensive experience of working with people and applied knowledge of industry operations reflects in his efficient management of various affairs, both internal and external.
His structured and strategic approach has led him to conceptualise all the crucial administrative and operational aspects and, with a vast exposure of interacting with people of business ecosystem and various sectors, he has gained an understanding of diverse sectors and industries and thus he ensures effective implementation in all business setup, taking all stakeholders as a team. He builds effective interaction with clients and other stakeholders. An observant by nature, he utilizes his advance nonverbal communication and perception capabilities while dealing with people. With undeniable leadership, agility, and networking, Vijay Arora is spearheading the vision of VGNC to be a lead global advisory consultancy firm. Within VGNC family, he is a guiding figure for the professionals in the VGNC family.