VGNC is a renowned name when it comes to inventory and supply chain consultancy service with a strong hold over the industry. With years of extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the retail industry, we can not only tackle the complexities of the industry but also offer clear, decisive and precise solutions to our clients. Our services which are a right blend of techniques and technology allows us to manage one of the most pivotal parts of any enterprise- Inventory control. We cater mainly to retail, pharma and manufacturing sector.

Wall to wall Warehouse Inventory

It involves a comprehensive physical inventory count from wall to wall, counting each and every inventory article. It is a strict tight rope audit during which all operations are placed to halt and long hours working is assumed to ensure minimum time taken in the process. Detailed stock reconciliations with due explanations for all the variances are compiled and necessary follow up action plan is chalked out for future implementation. This exercise is a substantive audit process and resorted to not more than once in a quarter or may be only twice in a year, depending on the size and nature of the particular business, coupled with the state of internal control in place. As Indian retail market is in a developing phase, more of such substantive audits are resorted to here than as compared to developed markets where sophisticated and automated internal controls are in place.

Panel to Panel Store Inventory

It is akin to warehouse wall to wall inventory except that in case of the retail store the level of inventory is relatively quite low. It is also a substantive inventory count where operations are halted during the audit process. However at VGNC, we plan the timings in such a manner that the floor inventory is undertaken overnight and in day time back rooms are covered such that there is no halting of sales, after all, sales is the spring where from all business is fed and nourished.

Perpetual Inventory

In this model, inventory is classified into non-moving, slow-moving and fast- moving inventory. The idea is to complete the substantive physical inventory of fast-moving items in minimum possible time and lift the halt from operations just after that. The inventory count of non-moving and slow -moving items is undertaken without halting operations of fast moving items. Further, the audit plan is so designed that non-moving and slow-moving items are audited with lesser frequency while fast moving items are audited at more frequently in time, almost perpetually, say, on monthly basis. This inventory audit model achieves optimum efficiency without hindering operations to achieve round the year sales window open for maximum time duration.

Partial Inventory

Partial inventory is resorted to for some selected products. The reasons may be to count new season products, to count some new stock arriving at large quantity from some new supplier, to count some lots being scraped or dismantled being no longer fit for sales or to count some lots which are the subject matter of internal stock transfer. The aforesaid are few instances where inventory count is undertaken to count specific lots for a specific purpose in the course of regular business operations.

Surprise Inventory Checks

To keep the floor team on alert and to inculcate a sales discipline towards customer service and organizational integrity, we provide surprise inventory check services wherein none is informed about the timings of the surprise audit irrespective of his rank. In this model, we randomly select the outlets for surprise visits and we conduct surprise audits randomly for any lot of inventory and merchandise. The audit reports are also quick and fast what we call as flash reports.

Setting up New Stores and Re Locations

Time is the key in setting up new stores as well as relocation of existing stores. We offer our nationwide specialized services to set up the inventory at the new store, right from inventory pick up at the warehouse to the final setting up of sales floor as well as the backroom storage of the retail outlet to make the store running sales with minimum lead time in such setting up. The same applies to relocation of stores with additional job of settling administrative and financial issues of winding up stores.

Super Market Audits

The concept of super market envisages a wide variety of inventory ranging from perishable eatables, garments, grocery store, medical stores, electronic goods, Petrol pump, mobile recharge, food court and what not. To cover the entire super market is altogether a different Facility Audit by itself. We at VGNC has a specialized team to undertake inventory audit for all size and variety of supermarket including not only metro malls but rural supermarkets with same rigour and efficiency.

Visual Merchandising and Display Audits

We provide visibility audit as to how your store looks like from the view point of expecting customer which include the visual display of promotional merchandise, display of goods at display windows, stacking of products, accessibility of merchandise at the right place with right variety to name a few. This helps in improving the Retail Store where from any brand is known to the customer with live experience.

Supply Chain Audits

Our expert team will assist you to review your entire supply chain from the manufacturing facility to your zonal warehouses to regional warehouses to distributors to the retail outlets, to find out the issues and gaps waiting for the necessary redressal and attention. This ensures a seamless supply of your fast moving inventory in demand and avoids hidden sales loss, just because the desired inventory is not on the shelf of your retail outlet within the reach of customers. It improves stock control, reduces shrinkage and ensures better operational efficiency and integrity of supply chain system.


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