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Online model devised for our clients to resolve the compliance cases

Litigation consumes a lot of management time with uncertainty roaming around at large. We, at VGNC, assign a high value to management hours in any business and believe the same to be committed to enlarge and expand the business. This litigation function we completely offer to outsource to ourselves through our e-litigation portal. Any business litigation with a memorandum of summarized facts of the case and related documents can be easily uploaded to VGNC e-litigation portal and there from our expert team will analyse the full case and provide complete Direct Tax Compliance & Litigation Services till final disposal of the matter to its logical end. We need a minimum human interface and instead, prefer e-meetings through video conferences to discuss the crucial matters and draw a line of action. All this is to minimize the management hour’s consumption in litigation matters.

In today’s business scenario, the legal and regulatory framework is rapidly changing and heading towards more robust & real time compliance. The need for compliance and business advisory services has growing faster than ever. Taxation Laws are evolving to keep pace with ever evolving industry and innovative ways to transact business. Similarly, Corporate Laws are getting sharpened towards better Corporate Governance to take care of all the stake holders. Economic offences are getting the particular attention of the Government as well as the Judiciary. Stringent actions are contemplated to deal with corporate and economic offences.

The expert team at VGNC with wide experience provide clients with comprehensive advice on full spectrum of issues relating to tax compliance, corporate laws and economic affairs.

We offer wide range of compliance and business advisory services with particular strength in following areas.

Goods and Service Tax

VGNC plays a significant role in promoting awareness about India’s largest indirect tax, GST. Our FDI consulting and GST compliance services offers proper guidance to clients through the various steps of filing and compliance of this pan-India unified tax. Our motto is to help businesses make an easy and natural transition from previous indirect tax systems to GST.

Income Tax

VGNC offers comprehensive direct tax compliance and litigation services which are perfect blend of our expertise and years of experience. Our team of talented experts showcases a combination of experience and in-depth knowledge from various disciplines.

Corporate Law

VGNC is a reliable growth advisor to all the dynamic corporate organisations. With extensive knowledge of corporate law and its practical applications, we provide vigorous compliance and business advisory services.

Money Laundering Law

VGNC works with you at every step to address money laundering risks and ensure regulatory compliance. We also encourage and support our clients to improve their operational performance. Our team determines the key risks and possible impact of money laundering.

Insolvency and bankruptcy law

VGNC is well versed in insolvency and bankruptcy law of India. They keep up with the updates in the code and help their client to comply with the laws and work under the regulations of IBBI.

Benami Transaction Prohibition Law

Experts at VGNC are well acquainted with Benami Transaction (Prohibition) Act, 1988 amended in 2016. Our advisory service will not only guide you in the right direction but also support you throughout the journey.

Compliance   Services

FDI Consulting & GST Compliance services
Today, the business and its management are willing and concerned to comply with all the applicable legal & regulatory rules of business and governance. Gone are the days of un-organized business where regulatory compliance was offered a lower seat in business. Today every professional management of the business assigns top most priority to the regulatory compliance and rightly so.
VGNC with its expert team, serve its clients to ensure 100% compliance with all the legal and regulatory framework, without any compromise on the business front, and particularly in the area of all the taxation and corporate laws. Our compliance services include but is not limited to FDI consulting and GST compliance services. We offer from complete outsourcing to periodical retainer ships, as per the needs and requirement of the business of the client.
In compliance matter, timeliness is the essence, and perfect understanding of law with specific application to specific business is the key to ensure litigation free relationship with regulatory authorities. We at VGNC immaculately commit ourselves to deliver the both through our well designed services such as FDI consulting and GST compliance services in Delhi.

Litigation   Services

Direct Tax Compliance & Litigation Services

First of all, we at VGNC, offer direct tax compliance and litigation services to help our clients navigate through the ever changing legal environment for businesses. Still, in any business environment dealing with a score of regulatory authorities, and particularly taxation authorities, certain unavoidable litigation creeps in quite often. Commercial disputes also need speedy legal resolution.

VGNC is specialized in successfully handling business litigation and particularly so in the areas of direct and indirect taxation, corporate laws, bankruptcy laws, economic offence laws. VGNC is endowed with a deep insight into the legal framework and its intricacies, and it has developed an art in itself in applying legal provisions and judicial precedents to the particular facts of particular litigation issues. VGNC simply out stands and outperforms when it comes to offering robust direct tax compliance and litigation services. Our dedication to quality service has made us a preferred choice for the businesses in Delhi and its neighboring areas.


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